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The World's
Most Advanced Book Scanner

Two in One: V-Cradle or flat document table
Simple installation: User friendly. Touchscreen. 2 x USB
Network connectivity. Remote diagnostics via web browser. Scan2Net technology. Green IT.

BSCAN & DRS - The Premier document capture, image clarity enhancement, automatic indexing and OCR software for internal systems and the Web.

Fast & Easy Paint-By-Numbers Capture Systems easily configured to exactly meet your needs. Whether you need to scan and process a lot of paper or you are looking for a simple scanning system that requires only minutes of training, BSCAN is for you.

                          Examples of BSCAN Applications

BSCAN is used exclusively in several of the largest clinics and medical testing labs in America. It provides fail-safe scanning, image clean up and indexing with completely custom designed workflow and user interfaces. It's premier barcode reader reads the small barcodes that are used in medical test laboratories with the highest accuracy and its DRS image clarity enhancing software produces images that can be printed on black and white laser printers with high clarity. >>

Logistics, Distribution, and Transportation: BSCAN is used in nearly a thousand logistics, distribution, trucking and transportation sites across America. Whether you need high volume production scanning and processing of bills of lading and delivery receipts, or you need a simple system for the occasional scanning of trip packets, BSCAN is easily configured to exactly meet your needs. >>

BSCAN has reconstructed 50 million financial records from poor quality microfilm using a special OCR engine developed by Image Access with an unheard of accuracy of 99.999998% for American Express. BSCAN's special OCR engine is perfect for many types of financial transaction documents. It's superb for scanning invoices, even better for scanning remittance vouchers and scanning checks is a breeze. The higher the volumes, the more BSCAN outshines the competition. >>

Paper Conversion

Conversion Service Bureaus: When lower costs for scanning and indexing is the source for all your profits, no capture product beats BSCAN, especially for high volume projects. In addition to producing high quality images with DRS and automatically indexing them with our special OCR engine, outputting full page OCR to PDF and other image formats and full workflow, BSCAN provides remote scanning with secure, guaranteed transmission across the web to automated processing systems. >>

interlibrary loan

For Interlibrary Loan, Bookeye color overhead scanners with BSCAN-ILL provide the most efficient method of scanning interlibrary loan requests. The WideTEK 25 color flatbed scanners, with a lightening fast scanning speed of 2 seconds for two pages are a close second. >>

For walk-up scanning systems, check out our KIC units. They provide a digital alternative to photocopying. Library patrons can walk up, scan a book excerpt, save it to a USB memory stick or e-mail it to their home computer and walk away in less than a minute. >>

For preservation, The new Bookeye 3 color planetary scanner and/or WideTEK 25 color flatbed scanner with Opus provides a complete ten stage paint-by-numbers system for digitizing collections for METS, MODS, Dublin Core and custom output formats. Opus also provides web-ready output of digital collections that can be easily browsed and if desired, a printer-ready digital book can be included for download. >>

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