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Commercial BSCAN & Bookeye Applications

BSCAN has reconstructed 50 million financial records from poor quality microfilm using a special OCR engine developed by Image Access with an unheard of accuracy of 99.999998% for American Express. BSCAN's special OCR engine is perfect for many types of financial transaction documents. It's superb for scanning invoices, even better for scanning remittance vouchers and scanning checks is a breeze. The higher the volumes, the more BSCAN outshines the competition.

BSCAN is used exclusively in several of the largest clinics and medical testing labs in America. It provides failsafe scanning, image clean up and indexing with completely custom designed workflow and user interfaces. It’s premier barcode reader reads the small barcodes that are used in medical test laboratories with the highest accuracy and its DRS image clarity enhancing software produces images that can be printed on black and white laser printers with high clarity.

Have BSCAN and scanner, will travel – BSCAN portable scanning systems are used for scanning patient records in hospitals, clinics and doctors offices. For high volume needs, Bookeye overhead scanners eliminate the need to de-staple and unbind documents, thus eliminating chances of losing or reordering pages. Bookeye color planetary scanners are great for scanning laboratory notebooks as Pfizer learned last year. The notebooks used in labs are not allowed to be broken apart and the extra pieces of paper taped and stapled to pages make it difficult sometimes to get a good scan with a flatbed scanner. With a Bookeye and BSCAN, the scan operator can scan a notebook in no time.

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