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 High Speed Data Entry

BSCAN-DE is data entry software that runs on a single PC. DE can be configured 'out-of-the-box' to perform character correction using Rapid Character Correction (RCC), Rapid Character Review (RCR), and Full Page Review and log correction (FPR). It can be customized with the same scripting language as other BSCAN products.

BSCAN-DE can also be used as a low-cost project setup station.

Rapid Character Correction

After performing OCR, a manual entry station running BSCAN-DE can correct all characters that were read with low confidence. Standard OCR engines cannot know precisely which characters they have misread, but they do indicate which characters were read with low confidence. For example, text with a 1% actual OCR error rate might send 4% of the characters to be corrected by RCC stations. Keyers can work quickly and catch any errors they make in the next stage.

Rapid Character Review
All characters keyed in the RCC stage are presented in the RCR stage for review. Using RCR's sorted character screens, text can be rapidly and accurately reviewed. RCR shows one or more screens for each character code -- a screen of 'A' characters, then 'B' characters, and so on. With RCR, it is quite easy to spot errors. After clicking with the mouse on each error, a final RCC screen is presented for correction.


Full Page Review

The full page key-entry screen is used for final review and correction. While all pages can be reviewed, the user can choose to skip pages that have passed prior stages and met validation rules, such as when a form’s name and social security number fields match the corresponding database record. The fields with low confidence are highlighted for easy review.








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