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BSCAN Capture software is a complete capture workflow system that is now simpler than ever to use. Enjoy access to all of BSCAN's features without hassle. Job set-up just got easier!

BSCAN's set-up Wizard puts custom capture workflow, advanced imaging tools and key-entry solutions well within reach of imaging professionals and end-users alike. BSCAN's wealth of features makes it ideal for virtually any scanning need. A logical choice for the simplest to most sophisticated high-volume document and data capture need,

BSCAN runs virtually any production scanner in the market from 10ppm to 400ipm. In addition to simplifying job set-up with the release of BSCAN 5.0, we've included license-free CD and DVD storage and lookup software, 128-bit to 4096-bit encryption, leading-edge remote scanning tools, along with scanning to the Web. These new features are included with our tried-and-true OCR, ICR, OMR, IMR, and Barcode Recognition engines for which BSCAN is known.

BSCAN's open-architecture is compatible with many third-party document image management systems in network, UNIX and mainframe environments. BSCAN runs under MS-Windows on a stand-alone or networked PC and can be configured as a dedicated scan station, a complete archive retrieval system or a multi-purpose workstation.






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