Automated Forms Processing

BSCAN-FP offers easy to use 'out-of-the-box' forms processing. Easily capture machine print, hand print, barcodes and marks (check boxes). Simply scan each form type to be processed, use the mouse to select the fields to be captured, specify field properties and the forms are ready to be captured.

Setup is as easy as 1-2-3
Use the Wizard to setup the fields to be captured, the processing WorkFlow and exporting. Start scanning. Each time an unrecognized form is captured, BSCAN will allow you to define the form name and specify the locations of the fields using the mouse. BSCAN maximizes accuracy by integrating database access into the capture process.

Automated Form Processing

Searchable PDF Output

BSCAN-FP offers 24/7 automated production of high quality PDF files. The Adobe PDF formats that are supported include standard image substitutes, image on text, and image only. Several of these formats allow the viewer to search throughout documents for any text – a powerful capability.

Searchable PDF Output

Form Training Made Simple

By integrating form setup into run-time processing, it is not necessary to know the types of all forms before any processing can be done. New forms are set aside for quick setup, allowing production to continue with minimal hold-up for new forms.

Form Training Made Simple

Form Training Made Simple
Optical Mark Recognition Optical Mark Recognition
Intelligent Character Recognition Intelligent Character Recognition

Automated Recognition Engines

BSCAN's powerful recognition engines work quickly and accurately using the latest technology in forms recognition, registration and data extraction. Its all new setup interface simplifies the most sophisticated forms processing tools available today.

Optical Character Recognition Optical Character Recognition
Automated Recognition Engines

Rapid Character Correction

Standard OCR and ICR engines cannot determine precisely which characters have been misread, but they do indicate those read with low confidence.

Rapid Character Review

Characters are sorted for fast and accurate review. BSCAN's RCC feature allows users to select errors with the mouse for correction.

Full Page Review

Rapid Character Correction

Review all data at once. For "classified" projects, this is the only stage that requires proper security clearances.

Using Barcode Separator Sheets

Print Barcode Separator Sheets from a list file, or directly from an SQL database.
Perform document preparation, insert separator sheets, then scan.
BSCAN reads the Separator Sheet barcode, looks it up in a list or SQL database, and applies associated indexes.
BSCAN exports images and index information to the imagine database, SQL database, flat file, DiskViewer, or the Web.
Barcode Separator Sheets