Promote Your Print Collections
with KAT Stacks View

Width KAT Stacks View, students can use any smart device to "visit" your stacks from anywhere, even collaborate over which books might be helpful. Then they can reserve a KIC system for scanning excerpts and go the library to get the book(s), scan some pages, and maybe browse for more books, with the bibliographic records readily accessible.

People use KAT

KIC & KAT Go Hand-in-Hand

Use the popularity of KIC to promote usage of KAT, which is turn will improve student awareness of the stacks.

KIC Stations View Screen
KIC Station Reservation Screen
KAT at Samsung phone
Students can scroll through the KIC stations at your library to find the nearest KIC station, or the one that best suits their need. Then a simple touch of the "RESERVE this Scanner" button shows the KIC Station Reservation Screen where the student can select the desired reservation day and time.