Automated Image Processing

With BSCAN-IP automated and manual image cleanup and quality checking can be performed on PCs without scanners. A single BSCAN-IP station can process over a million images per day, depending on the number and types of image processing functions that are automatically checked and any images that may have a problem are flagged for manual review and possible correction.

If BSCAN's Undo Image Processing feature is enabled, all image processing performed automatically can be manually undone and performed again with different parameters in later stage.

Crop & Deskew

Removes black borders and straightens skewed documents. If a questionable crop and deskew is performed, the image is flagged for later review and possible manual crop and deskew using the mouse.

Crop and Deskew

Create Snippets

Automatically clip sections of images and create new image files. As shown below, this feature can be used to post signatures from contracts or delivery receipts to the WEB.

Create Snippets

Automatically Delete Blank Pages

With this feature, if a page is blank, it is automatically flagged for deletion. If there is a chance that it has any content, a small scribble for example, then the page is flagged for review. During review, the flag for deletion can be turned off and on.

Automatic Rotation

This function is very effective with most types of documents. If BSCAN has any doubt that a rotated image should have been rotated, a flag is set for review and possible correction.

Automatic Rotation


Automatically locate clip one or more regions in bitonal, grayscale and color images, or setup a custom high-speed manual clipping facility to process images quickly and reliably.



This function has numerous filters for removing various speck sizes. If the text is very light, it is possible that despeck will further lighten the text. During the automatic processing, if BSCAN despeckles an image and senses a possible loss of readability, the image is flagged for review and correction.


Scan Quality Tests

These tests check for the possibility of text dropout, badly skewed scanning and general clarity.

Review Orientation May be upside-down
Review DRS May need DRS tuning
Review Crop & Deskew May need manual Crop & Deskew
Review Color Dropout Color dropout needs review
Review for Content Image May not be blank
Review Borders for Content May have lost data around border
Review Despeckle May have removed good data
* see software update information for the latest list

And More

A multitude of image processing functionality is available through scripting.

DRS Logo

Dynamic Resampling Software allows images to be rescanned on a non-scanner workstation long after they were originally scanned. If DRS is automatically performed, images with potential problems are flagged for manual review and correction by changing the DRS setting. A grayscale or color scanner is required.

Color scanning seldom requires special scanner settings. With DRS and color scanners, any employee can scan their own documents at any personal or departmental color scanner and let a central BSCAN-IP station perform any cleanup that might be necessary. Before committing the images to permanent storage, a trained worker can review and fix image clarity problems using DRS.

Dynamic Resampling Software

Color Dropout

Everywhere on the page or in the specified region, the specified color is changed to the color of the surrounding background or to another color. Use color dropout on binary images, by scanning in color, performing one or more color dropout operations and then converting the image to binary.

Text Enhance

Scanning in color offers a whole new range of Image Processing functions. Our text enhance feature can dramatically improve readability. Faded text can be made clear, even when the background of the text is a dark color.

Color Dropout

Manual Review & Reprocessing

Performing QC after scanning can dramatically improve overall throughput. The scanner can be run at full speed. After scanning, QC can be performed rapidly when the images are good and slower when there are problems. View all images, or just the images that were automatically flagged for review during image processing. Undo is supported for all image processing functions.

For example, if an image has delicate fine print and the Review Despeckle flag was set for that image, the despeckle function can be undone and less aggressive despeckle functions can be tried. With DRS, the image can be binarized again and again until it is right, without handling the paper or stopping the scanning process.