KIC Bookeye® 4

KIC Bookeye 4 is an indispensable tool for research, study and production of enhanced quality reports and papers with crystal clear color and black & white excerpts from books, magazines and very large journals. In addition, as a UDSA compliant digitize-on-demand system conveniently located among the stacks, KIC can be used as an ad hoc digitization station by Interlibrary Loan departments.

KIC Click & Click Mini

Students at academic libraries want speed, and DLSG offers the fastest book scanners on the market. Patrons at public libraries need simplicity, and KIC provides three of the simplest possible user interfaces, one exclusively for scanning, one exclusively for copying and one exclusively for faxing. And KIC's best-of-breed power user interface is only a touch away.

KIC BookEdge

The days of the photo copier on the library floor are over. Students demand digital, and your print collections are too valuable not to make them available to the majority of college students today who see copiers as "old school".