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KIC Self-Serve scanning system

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KIC is a self-serve scanning system that instantly turns your print collection into a digitize-on-demand collection.

KIC is often considered the most important piece of technology in the library.

KIC makes PDF files instead of paper copies, but it can print too, so it replaces copiers. With KIC you can clip, crop, split pages. You can scan your thesis papers and print books!

KIC Fleet Manager

KIC Fleet Manager
  • Live KIC Stations status
  • Real time statistics
  • Detailed single-unit statistics
  • Centralized settings manager

Control, update and monitor your KIC systems remotely. All usage statistics can help you to determine the best KIC configuration for each site. And to make it easier to navigate from KIC to KIC system, KIC Fleet Manager allows you to select a particular KIC system via either of two methods: a map or a list. KIC Fleet Manager lets you update KIC systems remotely.

The cost for the KIC Fleet Manager is $555 ($500.00*) set up fee and $65 ($59.00*) annual subscription fee per scanner.

*discount price

DLOS - Digital Library Operating System


Not everyone is comfortable using computers to find what they need. DLOS gives users with very little, or no experience using browsers a simplified view where they can touch a visual representation of the information they seek. Each DLOS screen provides helpful pointers and encouragement as the user views links to important information on a wide variety of topics.

DLOS with SAW, My Docs, MyPC

DLOS Monitors

Order 100 or 200

& 100 or 200

$699 ($599/$549*)

$899 ($7599/$749*)

MS-Windows SW:

$399 ($299/$249*)

SAW Commons Login:

$999 ($899/$749*)

*price after buying tenth system

OPUS Digitization Software


The Opus digitization process was designed specifically for libraries, museums and archives. Use Opus to build digital assets for preservation, archive, digital collections for the Web, and for viewing software.

With Opus you will be able to:

  • use content stabilization
  • add hierarchical metadata for your documents
  • save your files in different formats
  • use third-party image editing software
  • use multiple workflow workstations
  • monitor entire project on each stage of workflow
OPUS Scanners Family

Contact Elaine Wotton at 1(561)886-2933, email

DARMA - Offline Digital Archives Manager

DARMA lets you work in digital archive management with or without the internet.

Digital Archive Manager Logo
  • inventory multiple copies (using QR-code)
  • validate and searches volumes
  • perform data migrations
  • provide bad data reconstruction
  • never lose a file managed by DARMA
  • lowers cost - no servers required
  • offline means no worries about server storage loss due to lightening

Connect a flash drive to get access to your digital archives from phone or tablet PC.

DARMA works both on Android and IOS.

Darma scans
$999 ($899/$849*)

*price after buying tenth system

BSCAN ILL - Article Scanning Software

BSCAN Auto Route

BSCAN ILL is a software, that allows review of electronic articles and resource sharing.

BSCAN ILL offers you:

  • automatically reading the requestor information from pull slips without manual keying
  • eliminating human error during entering request information
  • support rapid scanning and image cleanup
  • automatic image treatment and output of 'printer-ready' images
  • easy user interface
  • automatically post to Digital Document Delivery services (Article Exchange, ILLiad/Odyssey, RAPID, Relais, Ariel, Clio, FTP & Email)
  • automatic updating of ILLiad/Odyssey, even if the request was delivered by another means such as Ariel, Relais, Clio, FTP or email
  • wide range of quality digitization equipment supported
  • automatically sending without intervention by the scan operator
  • central management with central, portable and remote scanning
  • automatic hold of all scanned articles for up to 30 days for fast correcting and easy resending
BSCAN Auto Route
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