In the early days of digital interlibrary loan and digital document delivery, the available software was simple and image quality expectations of requestors were low. Times have changed. The demand for faster workflow delivery and perfect, printer-ready images has made the current software environment complex, creating significant challenges in training new employees. BSCAN ILL simplifies existing processes and produces perfect, printer-ready images.

BSCAN Standard

BSCAN control sheets allow users to select the scanning application, the scanner settings, image processing, document separation and auto-indexing. While these settings can be made by the scan operator, the control sheet allow the scanner operator to focus on maximizing throughput and quality. Hours of document preparation can be quickly reviewed before scanning to eliminate errors.


BSCAN-FP offer easy to use 'out-of-the-box' forms processing. Easily capture machine print, hand print, barcodes and marks(check boxes). Simply scan each form type to be processed, use the mouse to select the fields to be captured, specify field properties and the forms are ready to be captured.


With BSCAN-IP automated and manual image cleanup and quality checking can be performed on PCs without scanners. A single BSCAN-IP station can process over a million images per day, depending on the number and types of image processing functions are automatically checked and any images that may have a problem are flagged for manual review and possible correction.


BSCAN-DE is data entry software that runs on a single PC. It is a very cost-effective solution for projects requiring five, ten or more data entry stations. DE can be configured 'out-of-the-box' to perform character correction using Rapid Character Correction (RCC), Rapid Character Review (RCR), and Full Page Review and log correction (FPR).